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All Consultations with the veterinary surgeon

are by appointment only so as to minimise

the time you have to wait to be seen.


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Microchipping is now compulsory by law

from 1st April 2012.  Talk to a member of

our staff about the various options

available for your pet. 

more information.




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All Creatures Veterinary Health Clinic offers pet boarding and

kennel services.  Please contact our office for more information.



At All Creatures, your pet can relax in our indoor hygienic heated kennels if you are having a break.  Our boarding kennels are Department of Agriculture licensed, meeting the highest of standards. Your pet will benefit from constant veterinary supervision so you have the peace of mind knowing that expert assistance is at hand should your pet become sick while you are away. At night time the staff can look in on your pet by online CCTV allowing extra peace of mind. Should your pet require medication to be administered while you are away, such as insulin or heart tablets, this can be done easily and reliably by our trained team of nurses. If you have several dogs we can allow them to stay in a single large run if you wish and we provide discount to pet owners with multiple pets. Payment is normally requested at the time of discharge. At our kennels, dogs and cats are boarded in separate areas. 


How to book a kennel stay at All Creatures



Just call us on 028 7776 9777 to arrange a stay. For peak times, such as summer and Christmas holidays, it is best to book at least a month in advance. For your convenience, you can now book online so all you have to do is drop your pet off on the day you are going away.  Click below to fill out our convenient boarding form online:





Vaccine Requirements


Professional boarding kennels will always insist that your pet is vaccinated prior to a stay. Kennels which do not ask for this are likely to be slack in other aspects of their care and will suffer from a build up of infectious disease on their premises.


Your dog must have had a booster vaccine (against parvovirus, leptospirosis , distemper and hepatitis) within the last year. Your dog must also have had a vaccination against Kennel Cough (Infectious Bronchitis) within the last year. This is usually given as a spray droplet vaccine up your dogís nose. If your pet has not been vaccinated then the vaccines should be administered at least one week prior to your dogís stay.  Your cat must have been vaccinated against cat flu and feline enteritis within the last year.


CLICK BELOW for important information about




What To Bring


1) Your petís usual food (a change of diet could trigger diarrhoea). Dishes are not necessary as we keep a range of stainless steel hygienic dog bowls.


2) Some bedding material if you wish although we use comfortable washable vet beds in our kennels.  Unfortunately we cannot be liable if your pet chews, damages or soils any bedding materials you leave for him.


3) A few toys or chews.


4) An emergency contact number should we need to reach you while you are away.



Exercise For Your Pet

While Boarding


Our team of dog walkers will provide outside lead exercise for your pet twice daily.


Extra exercise time can be purchased for your pet at a rate of £8 per hour.






Bath & Brush Service


Some dogs, especially if normally housed outdoors, may act like messy puppies in an indoor kennel environment. As such we offer a bath and brush service so your pet will go home smelling like a bed of roses. Please arrange this service when you leave your pet with us.


Visit our PET GROOMING section




What if my dog is not used to boarding kennels?


It is normal for some dogs to miss their owners when they go into kennels and they can suffer from a condition called separation anxiety. If you think your dog may be anxious or stressed when he stays in kennels, we can provide a DAP pheromone collar, to help him settle in to the kennels. These can be purchased in the clinic or online in our eBay shop.  The collar should be put on your dog one week before the kennel stay. Some dogs do not eat as well when they are staying in kennels and can lose a little weight. The DAP collar may prevent this also.





Our Pledge To You:

  • We will look after your pet as if it was our own.

  • We will read post cards to your pet that you send (Mr. and Mrs. Hare send Prince and Barty one every time they are away!)

  • We will read your pet a bedtime story and give him a big hug for you if you wish.

  • We also serve cereal, toast and tea should this be something that your pet normally gets!

  • In short we will do everything we can to make your pet feel at home.

Enjoy your break away - your pet will be in safe hands!




SevoFlo is the latest & safest

pet anaesthesia! 

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Our Charity Schemes provide

financial assistance for pet owners struggling to meet costs



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