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Microchipping is now compulsory by law

from 1st April 2012.  Talk to a member of

our staff about the various options

available for your pet. 

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Listed below are some of our services which provide assistance for pet owners who may have difficulty paying for veterinary treatment.


We believe that in these more austere times, no pet should have to suffer due to financial hardship.



PDSA Pet Aid


All Creatures is a PDSA Pet Aid clinic which means that we can provide subsidised treatment for pet owners who receive housing benefit or  help with their rates. This means you will not be asked to pay standard veterinary fees if your pet requires treatment.


Rules of the scheme: 

  • You will need to register your pet on the scheme before treatment is commenced. Please call   into the surgery to pick up a registration form. Your registration is valid for 6-12 months depending on your circumstances.

  • Only one pet per household can be registered.

  • You will receive a certificate which you must present to the vet before commencement of treatment.

  • You will need have your pet vaccinated annually - we cannot provide free treatment for conditions which are preventable by vaccination. You will have to pay for the vaccine although we provide a discounted vaccine for members of the scheme.

  • As there is high demand for membership of this scheme, if you do not keep up your annual registration to the scheme (assuming you are still eligible), you may not be able to get back on the scheme later.

  • If you have other pets, you must bring them to All Creatures for their treatment - obviously it would be unfair if we provided free treatment for one of your pets and you were paying another clinic for treatment of your other pets.

  • As this is a charity scheme, you will be asked to make a small voluntary donation towards treatment costs, each time your pet receives treatment.

CLICK HERE for full details

and more information about the PDSA



Dogs Trust Subsidised Neutering Scheme


If you receive a means tested benefit such as working tax credit, pension credit or income support, you can receive help with the cost of neutering your dog.


We can arrange this for you at the surgery - you will need to bring proof of your benefit. Why not take advantage of the latest neutering schemes and have your dog neutered from as little as £15!  Remember - “Its’s nicer to neuter”


CLICK HERE for more information about

the work of the Dogs Trust




CPL Subsidised Cat Neutering Vouchers


If you receive a means tested benefit, you can have your cat neutered for only £5. Just bring proof of benefit to the clinic and we will sort out the rest for you. If you have farm cats, a colony of feral cats, or have rescued a cat from a home, we will neuter him or her free of charge. Neutered cats are less likely to wander - they stay around more and are less likely to be hit by a car; neutered cats are less likely to spray urine in the house and they are also less likely to fight (and get abscesses or Feline Aids.


CLICK HERE to find out more about the Cats Protection League





SevoFlo is the latest & safest

pet anaesthesia! 

more information



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CLICK HERE to meet our

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Our Charity Schemes provide

financial assistance for pet owners struggling to meet costs



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