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MONDAY 8:30 am - 7:30 pm
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All Consultations with the veterinary surgeon

are by appointment only so as to minimise

the time you have to wait to be seen.


TELEPHONE US AT 028-7776-9777





Telephone 07763 882088

Back up line: 07790 215667








Microchipping is now compulsory by law

from 1st April 2012.  Talk to a member of

our staff about the various options

available for your pet. 

more information.




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Our Veterinarians are trained in the latest techniques should your pet require a surgical procedure.  We have a complete surgical operating theatre equipped to deal with a full range of soft tissue surgeries which include routine spays and neuters, tumor removal, biopsies, to more advanced procedures such as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair and gastro-intestinal surgery.



Our Veterinarians employ advanced state-of-the-art equipment to care for and monitor your pet during all surgical procedures. 

All Creatures Veterinary Health Clinic is a purposely designed unit equipped to the highest standard with the latest diagnostic technologies.



We use the latest and safest in veterinary anaesthesia so even elderly patients can now be operated on safely.  CLICK HERE for information about our SevoFlo anaesthesia.







X-rays provide a quick, easy way to assist in the diagnosis of bone, musculo-skeletal, gastro-

intestinal, and other internal organ issues. 

X-rays  provide detailed information to help determine the best course of treatment for your pet's condition.




Laboratory Analysis


Our on-site laboratory facilities allow us to obtain lab test results quickly to facilitate our ability to diagnose your pet and select the right form of treatment. 


Comprehensive diagnostic procedures enable us to recommend the most effective form of treatment to keep your pet healthy and happy.







Dental Services


Pets with routine dental care typically live longer and healthier lives.  Pets with dental disease constantly release bacteria from their mouths into their bloodstream resulting in inflammatory changes in the heart, liver, and kidney tissue in otherwise healthy animal.  This problem may be exacerbated in pets that already have other existing disease.  Periodontal disease is a major health risk for your pet.  It is one of the most common diseases in small animal practice.  Most frequently, pets with oral pain “suffer in silence”.  It is painful, but it is PREVENTABLE. Let us give you pet a complete dental check up and advise you on how to keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy for a long and pain-free lifetime!






Pets suffer from allergies and skin issues just like people!  We specialize in getting to the root of the problem.  Constant licking, hair loss, bald spots, vomiting, and diarrhea could all be signs of an allergy.  We utilize special testing and treatment to help solve dermatology issues facing your pets.






Nutritional Counseling


We offer Nutritional Counseling not only to maintain your pet’s proper weight, but also to help with common allergies and certain disease processes (kidney, liver, and cardiac conditions), as well as specially formulated food to help with dental care.Many owners do not realize that their pet may be overweight.  Weight and nutrition are important aspects of pet care and they should not be overlooked.



Pets with healthy weights (as recommended by your veterinarian) can live up to two years longer! 


At All Creatures Veterinary Health Clinic, we offer a full range of veterinary diets to help keep your pet happy and healthy!




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SevoFlo is the latest & safest

pet anaesthesia! 

more information



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Our Charity Schemes provide

financial assistance for pet owners struggling to meet costs



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